Thursday, April 16, 2020

A few New Paintings on Panels

HERE ARE SOME SMALL, 10"X10" CRADLED PANELS, AVAILABLE ON THE #supportartistspledge  They are $200 plus me if you are interested at

It's for a very good cause!


AND here are some smaller pieces on paper, for the same $200. plus shipping, 

Beauty One to four,  are 22"x15" 

 Beauty #5, is 18" x 15"

Beauty Number 1

Beauty Number 2

Beauty Number 3

Beauty number 4

Beauty Number 5


AND here are some NEW larger ones, email me for prices and availability These are all encaustic on panel..sizes vary and yes, more at

"Beautiful Blues" 36" x 24", encaustic on panel

"Fluer de Mal" 48" x 30" enc/panel

"We Meet: Before and After", 36" x 24" enc/panel

"Rhapsody in Blue: The Ocean Meets the Sky", 54" x 40", enc/panel