Saturday, November 20, 2021

The Show at Aurelia, coming in January 2025 a retrospective, images to come soon!

"New Dimensions" Paper Pour, 44"x30" Framed, 50"x36", 2020

"A Long Day's Journey" 40"x60' (sold) encaustic on panel 2020 (sold)

"Black Meets White" 60"x40" dyptich, encaustic on panels 2023


"The Blue Mountains meet The Blue Sky" 36" x80" dyptich, encaustic on panel 2020

"Red Sings My Song" 20"x20" encaustic on panel 2023 (sold)

"Cabaret Rhythms" 20"x20", encaustic on panel 2023

"Let the Light Shine Through" 30"x40" encaustic on panel 2023

"Coral Undertones" 18"x18" encaustic on panel 2023

"Blues Sing" 36"x45" encaustic on panel 2022

"Blue Waves" 36"x45" encaustic on panel 2022

"The Lines Tell Their STory" encaustic on panel 24"x36"

"The Lines Tell Their Story" 24" x36" encaustic on panel 2020

"Blues Tell Their Story" 24" x 36" encaustic on panel 2020

"Dancing Around it All" wax on paper, 44"x30" 2021

"Art from the Heart #3" wax on paper 44"x30 2021

Art from the heart #2, wax on paper 44"x30" 2021

                                             Complexities of Light, 24"x24", encaustic on panel 2021

Intricacies of Light, 24"x24" encaustic on panel 2021

"Oh Beautiful Yellow" 8"x8' encaustic on panel 2020

"The Mystery" 8"x8" encaustic on panel, 2020 


"The Intrusion" 8"x8" encaustic on panel 2020

Black meets Blue encaustic on panel 12" x9 "

The reds Talk to Black, 9"x12" encaustic on panel




Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Albuquerque Museum Show

ARTSTHRIVE, a show and benefit at the Albuquerque Museum

Over now, but the paintings are available

AND this was in Texas:

Thursday, June 17, 2021

Pandemic Watercolors are available:

 During this strangest of years, I have done over a hundred watercolors, they were my escape, and my salvation..and they are available to show, and they are for sale. 

Most are 9"x12", and are $250.

And here are a few of them:








AND OF COURSE, there are many more
And available for a show, or your home

Thursday, September 10, 2020

Past Shows this year

Connections V

The Atlantic Gallery

Chelsea, NYC

June 22-July 10

Blues Rule 

Yellow Song


AT G2SantaFe, gallery on Gypsy Alley

The Spring Show, Opens April 16th


And open now:

which includes:
"The Lone Butte" wax on paper, 53" x 44"

Sunday, December 22, 2019

In the old Studio

above: Framed: Brothers, Blue meets Blue and Blowing

Blacks Playing, 22" x30" wax on paper

                                                  Blue Waves, 22" x 30" wax on paper

EACH 22" x 30" wax on paper

22" x 30"

A dyptich: "Blue Mountains"  36" x 96"

More at