Saturday, November 20, 2021

Available paintings:

The Paper Pours, what I have become well known for:

I would have any of these paper pieces put in a frame,
(which I have, silver or black) ..the frame size would be about 50" x 38"

Art from the Heart #1

Art from the Heart #3

Art from the heart #2


"The Songs I Sing"

Light Reigns #2

"Color Burst" (already in a frame)

A little smaller, (half the size, not a great photo, but a piece I like)

The following pieces are all encaustic on panel:

"A Long Day's Journey" A dyptich,  Maybe 50-60" across

Blues Sing, 36" x24"

The next two were part of a show at the Albuquerque Museum..  maybe as a set ??

Purple Songs, 18"x18"

Yellow Song 16"x16"

                                                     The Linear Flower, 18" x 24"

And the following are part of a series, each is 24" x36"

Number one

                                                            Number two

Number three

Number four

OR MAYBE< you'd like a Giant Marching Chicken 80" Tall!


And just to give a sense of the scale: