Saturday, November 20, 2021

The New and the WIld, 2022


And for info about workshops go to:


The following are wax on paper, and the framed size is about 37"x51"

"New Dimensions"

"Sunset Landscape"

"Green Again"

How they look framed!

"Blues Meet"

"Towering Inferno"

"Red Rock Canyon"

"Blue Mountains"

"Color Burst"

AND THE FOLLOWING ARE HALF THE SIZE:, frame size about 28" x36"

"Turqouise Trails"

"Pink Can Fly

The following pieces are all encaustic on panel:

"Blues Sing", encaustic on panel 36"x45" 

"Black Mysteries" 16" x16"

"Black Hides Yellow"

The intricacies of Light, 24"x24"

Blues Sing, 36" x24"

Blue Mountains  36"x80"

Complexities of Light, 24"x24"

Purple Songs, 18"x18"

"Blues Sing" 18"x18"

AND BACK TO PAPER, not yet framed:

Let Light Reign #3 44"X30"

Let Light Reign #2 44x30

Blue Forest 22"x30"

and more at:

And scroll down to the Watercolors, which are available

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